About us, our Environment and People

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Bike + Raft + Pack = More Freedom, More Fun.

We get excited about creating adventures away from the crowds, getting to hidden routes and journeys that few even imagine. We love it more when it is a totally human powered challenge from our back door, in our local wilderness areas. Expeditions don't have to mean the Alps, the Arctic or desert, extraordinary mini-adventures and longer challenging missions can also be found right here. Combining bike, hike and kayaking into packrafting / bikerafting / bikepacking adventures we expand the challenge, more freedom, more fun, while making time to connect to nature, chill-out and create unforgettable moments.

Our local environment: South Hams and Dartmoor

Ride north and you soon get into Dartmoor National Park, a vast landscape of tors - craggy hill tops - deep river valleys and natural rocky trails . Some of the best whitewater rivers in the UK and incredible mountain bike trails. The largest wild camp area in England. Full of atmosphere and wide open space, trails winding past neolithic tombs, bronze age stone circles and abandoned medieval villages. Go south and we are straight into the South Hams Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) an area of unique rias (deep flooded river valleys), ancient woodlands, calm and sheltered rivers and turquoise esturies with idyllic sandy beaches.

These two areas are also bound toether in deep time by their linked story of changing geo - environment . There were once vast redwood forests and the rivers full of glacial melt water resembling those of the Rocky Mountains of the US today. Clear remnants still exist today and are protected as unique in the UK. If you know where to go, you can still immerse yourself in hidden pockets of this environmental history and feel you are there, back in time.

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Environment Positive

Many of our adventures use no or minimal vehicle support. By using bike and raft we can create epic Human Powered adventures from our back door. Leaving only footprints, tyre tracks and ripples. For 2021 we aim to invest at least 25% of any profits we make in local collaborations promoting environmental benefits. We also aim to be overall carbon negative, i.e. with measurable net positive environment impact.

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Travel Ultra Light

Our preferred style of biking / packing / rafting is a travel-light setup. When riding we prefer full-suspension or hardtail mountain bikes. More playful, more fun, go anywhere in this area, with light overnight kit. We also love longer multi-day adventures and touring set-up options.

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Away From The Crowds 

Immerse yourself in nature, into the wilderness. Unplug from distraction, reconnect to the moment. Bikepacking & Packrafting = more freedom, more fun. Feel more, experience more.

Biking, kayaking & escaping to the wilderness, since... forever  

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Adventure Creator and Founder of Wilderness Breaks.

Qualified Mountain Bike Leader. Trip designer. Bikepacker, Bikerafter.

Favourite Trails: Local Trails, Dartmoor, The South Hams, French Alps, Fruita Colorado, Moab, Sedona, North Shore Vancouver, Backcountry Whisler and BC.

Likes MTB.  Big multi-day / multi-sport missions. Ensuring supply of good coffee, beer and whisky for any trip. Human powered eco-adventures, and collaborations with others with similar concepts in their local wilderness.

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Adventure lover, joint inspiration for Wilderness Breaks. Loves sailing, hiking, packrafting, kayaking, sometimes MTB (is better than she admits). Super-calm coordinator. Chilled out Buddha-like qualities.

Favorite river adventures: Erme Estuary,  Dart Estuary,  Salcombe Harbour. Kayaking Tarn Gorge, Ardeche.

Inspirational trips: Alpine rafting,  Scotish West Highlands multi-day hiking. Coast to Coast Bikepacking.

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Expert level MTB. Loves freeride. Qualified Ski Instructor. Qualified Boatman. Rescue boat skipper. Powerboat certification. 

Boat hire and support.

Favourite trails: Dartmoor, Haldon Cafe Side, Morzine, Les Gets, Whistler. 

Leads media and creative film projects.    



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Local guides   

Collaboration with other local guides   in the area allows us to tailor the trip and involve more than one guide when needed. 


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Professional mountain bike guide and expert skills coach. Pro-level rider. Fabrice is one of the great guides we have met along the way and collaborate with on some of our trips. Fabrice has led trips in Utah, Colorado and the French Alps.   Specialises in multi-day backcountry & gravity field trips , bikepacking adventures.   

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Backup and Support 

We have a lot of backup and support in the South Hams and Dartmoor area, friends, associates and local environmentally focused collaborations.

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Drone Pilot and Trip Videography    

Ability to quickly and discretely capture the essence of the moment . Video by arrangement as option on some of our trips. 

Quality not volume 

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We only run a few multi-day adventure trips each year.

We enjoy taking the time to design and tailor adventures for small groups. The right group, right gear, guide and plan.

We focus on making each one an extraordinary experience.

Our shorter trips are also carefully planned, focused on high quality, with limited numbers, keeping a low impact on the local environment.

With comprehensive risk management plans, experienced guides and detailed knowledge of the local area.

Plus ultra high quality gear, with a careful balance of lightweight, high performance and toughness.

Bike - Pack - Raft - Wilderness - Escape.

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