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Utah to Arizona

The Magnificent Seven - by bike

Classic rides from Salt Lake to Las Vegas

An epic MTB trip to the classic trails of Utah, Colorado and Arizona. This is one of those trips you have to do at least once in your life. We visit the world famous flowing singletrack trails near Fruita, then the awesome Moab area, the unique Gooseberry Messa and the red dusty trails of Arizona. And for the finale we roll into Las Vegas!

April is a great time to visit, usually dry and sunny before the extreme heat of the summer. We use the minibus to get us smoothly between classic MTB destinations and beautiful desert parks.


1: Salt Lake City

Pick up from Salt Lake City airport and a warm welcome to this amazing MTB adventure through the desert lands of the US. We introduce the trip and stay over-night here before heading off for our first great MTB destination, just over the country border in Fruita.

2: Fruita, Colorado (3 days)

In Fruita we will have pure singletrack fun with miles of loops stacked above the winding Colorado River as it winds and cuts its way towards the Grand Canyon. Mary's Loop, Rustler's Loop, Mac Ridge, Lion's Loop and Horsethief will all leave you with a very big smile. Troy Rarick pioneered much of the Fruita trail set up and there is a lot to thank him for! The nearby Tabeguache area has an absolute classic descent - fast and smooth - with slickrock sections then a long technical trail back down to Lunch Loop. Possibly most fun of all is the Zipity Do Da trail at 18 road.

3: Moab, Utah (3 days)

One of the highlights of the trip is at Moab, an epic 32 mile, 5 hour descent. A mammoth of a trail, an extravaganza of a day-long descent. At 2000m in the La Sal mountains we start near the snow line but soon hit fast dry red dust trails of UPS, then the LPS trails, past stunning views, along the edge of high cliffs, down long technical trails, drops and steps. Then we get to the Porcupine rim, on its own one of Utah's best descents. Finally we arrive back in Moab, for a cold beer and mexican food. While in Moab we also do the most Slickrock Trail and other great singletrack loops in the area. We also take the chance to see Arches National Park while we're here.

4: Bryce Canyon and Bryce Trails (1 day)

After stopping to see Bryce Canyon we ride one of the best and most beautiful trails of the trip - through the sandstone pinnacles and fast flowing trails of Bryce. Then we have a much earned dinner and beer at one of Butch Cassidy's hide-aways where we stay for the night.

5: Zion National Park & Hurricane (2 days)

Our next stop is just outside Zion national park where we ride in the land of the Red Bull Rampage and the amazing slickrock trails of the Gooseberry Messa.

6: Sedona, Arizona (2 days)

The red rock mecca of northern Arizona is the off-season secret of the MTB world. We ride this unbelievable network of red 'rock and dust' singletrack and some of the most stunning riding you have ever imagined.

7: Las Vegas

At the end of an epic trip, we roll into Las Vegas and see you safely to the airport or a hotel if you are staying on.

The video below Its an example of the type of trails we ride on this trip.

The Whole Enchilada: Top to Bottom - Moab, Utah from Phil Shep on Vimeo.